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Notes, Comments and other Thoughts on the Moodle MOOC 2013  

31/05/2013 - Made direct links to Course Ware, Course Feeds, Syllabus,  and Questions and Comments.

En español: Moodle MOOC en WizIQ - Junio 2013


01/06/2013 - Made direct links to Opening Ceremony online, Could not download recordings from WizIQ, very slow, interrupted.

En español: Moodle MOOC Ceremonia de Apertura

Enrolled in M4ET and M4M


02/06/2013 - Made direct links to Week 1, downloaded recordings from Nellies site on Youtube: 

En español: Moodle MOOC Semana 1


03/06/2013 - Made direct links to Weeks 2, 3 and 4, Interactive Syllabus. Going Beyond Moodle MOOC, Part2.

Getting acquainted with page and course content 

Asked questions on Course Feeds page.

En español: Learning2Gether


04/06/2013 - Made direct links to General Practice Area, M4M My Home.

Linked this Blog to M4T Blog. Inserted RSS.

Dis-enrolled from M4ET course, will re-enrol at end of June.

Started work on Forums. 

Ask questions and answer Forums in M4T Site pages.


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