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Message from Nellie: One-on-One Mentorship for Moodle

Date: Sun, Jul 14 2013 08:30 AM 

One-on-One Mentorship for Moodle

Dear Moodlers,

The Moodle MOOC is not over. You will be getting updates about free live online classes and free online conferences. However, you will only be able to work on the free Moodle websites on Moodle for Teachers and Practice area on your own until the end of July 2013. After that date you can join the paid courses on how to Moodle for as little as $60 on IT4ALL and $50 on WizIQ for the Admin courses:

I'd like to welcome the participants of the Moodle MOOC who joined the course on IT4ALL:

Those who join the course on IT4ALL will be able to learn and practice the Moodle features. They will also be able to get their own courses for free on IT4ALL and charge money for their courses if they wish. Participants will be able to go beyond the course for as long as they wish. The mentorship also includes consultation on how to set up and install Moodle on a website and start teaching online or in a blended format as independent teachers.

Please contact me at for further information.

Happy Moodling!


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