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Program for Online Teaching Certificate Class 2013/14 - Pre-Class Discussions etc.

Pre-Class Discussions etc.

Hi all. My name's Tom Hodgers and I give classes in Language and Culture for English and Japanese (in Spanish) at Certificate and Diploma level. I'm a Coordinator and Faciltator at the Universidad Jose Antonio Paez Extension Center in Valencia, Venezuela.

Welcome to my blog - Tom's Tantrums - Food for Thought …… Las Locuras Bilingűes de Tom,
A place for my rantings on Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach and all things Japanese. Un lugar para todas mis locuras, en inglés y español.
As you can see from the title, I use my blog for other things apart from this course. If you are interested in seeing other entries, please visit me at

These entries are not only for members of the POT 2013/14 course, but for all my readers.

So! What am I looking at and doing in this pre-class period?

Today (Monday 19/08/2013) I first of all gave my self introduction and answered Lisa's pre-class discussion question: 
"Given how I spent the whole weekend preparing for my online classes (after hours this summer), and only about an hour preparing for my-onsite class, I'm thinking the first topic this week might be preparation. Why does preparing for an online class take longer? Is it just the technology, or do we have some sort of feeling that more needs to be created in advance?"

This is how I answered: 
"On-line learning is just as intensive as learning face-to-face but the variety of activities and experiences that are now available on-line makes it possible to create many types of effective learning environments that are not seen in normal F2F classes.

Content resources, applications and links to current events and examples have to be searched for, found, checked out and included in the course ware. Asynchronous discussions have to planned, providing (and needing) time for thought and reflection and requiring written /and or audio responses.The "Teacher" has to "Learn" how to use and manipulate a lot more than in a F2F situation.

Everything has to be planned and revised ahead of time. All possible hitches and glitches have to be planned for. The course facilitator isn't immediately (physically) present to remediate any problems that may come up.

I think it's very important for the facilitators to show their virtual presence multiple times a week, and at best, daily. So it's not just preparation, it's participation as well.

Thanks for a great start."

What did/would you answer?

I also looked at the Help forum where I mentioned that:
"I opened my free blog at even though I had one on Wordpress, this has more free stuff and I can upload video. 
I found this link to the tutorial on last years syllabus:"

Oh yeah, almost forgot - I joined the very interesting POT Group on Facebook:

More to come ........

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