domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

Teaching with Technology - Part 5

Understanding the WizIQ System for Teaching

Class 1 - Scheduling a Class

Assignment at the end of the PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Update your profile account on WizIQ to 100% ✔
  2. Create 3 different courses (private, paid, and MOOC)
  3. Schedule a class

Process for creating courses is slightly more complicated than the old process but still fairly simple. Click on Courses and:
1. Select type of course.
2. Select if weekly or self-paced.
3. Fill in details on different pages: Name, profile of course, logo, video, paypal, Instructor  and Invite Learners, Review and Publish or save as Draft.

4. Click on Live Classes/Schedule a Class and fill in details. Click on Schedule and continue.

You can’t Review and Publish course without Paypal account. What to do if you have no Credit Card?
What happens if you don’t have any Learners invited?
In either, or both, of these cases you have to save course as Draft.

Free Courses:

Paid Course: missing Paypal account. Saved as Draft. (See attached screen-shot).


Please add the information on the process of creating the courses and scheduling the class and your reflection on the process in a blog post, google drive doc, wiki, or any other cloud-based area and share the link with me. 

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