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The Deep-end Cow

An egotistic report outlining my individual contributions to the design of the Collaborative Language Course in Sandbox B.


Hello fellow M4T-I moo-oodlers.

During the first work week of our adventure into the M4T-I course, I started the ball rolling by openining the space on the Sandbox B page for Language Teachers entitled the Language Learners Collaborative Space.

Step-by-step, I waded into deeper water and inserted the labels for:
1. The Language Learners Group Members zone, an area for prospective members to enroll.
2. The Forums inviting members to add their details to the Language Learners Charter, discussing any methods they found interesting, a general News forum, and a forum for discussing our Language Tuition Experiences.
3. Interesting Links and Further Readings folders.

By week two I found myself completely immersed (i.e. up to my neck) in the design of the Sandbox course and started off the Language Course Design Charter and the Collaborative Course Design forum. I also inserted the labels where members can list their favourite resources and activities that they think should be a part of our course.

In space 2, I inserted the first few lines of our course where we have to put the agreed upon name, a picture and a short introduction to our course and the title of Lesson 0.

On the general forums, I made various calls to members reminding them of the collaborative work and timing we needed to do to terminate the structure and content of Lesson 0.

In space 5 of Sandbox B, under "Tom`s Resources and Activities", I listed all the resources and activities I would like to use in Lesson 0.

Bye for now,

Keep on Moo-oodling.

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Keep on Moo-oodling

Keep on Moo-oodling
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