domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

How time flies!

Part I of a shortfalling report outlining my poor efforts at maintaining the projected time-table for the M4T-A course.

How time flies!


Hello fellow M4T-A moo-oodlers

We're already two (three) weeks into the M4T-Advanced course, that's halfway there, and it seems like only yesterday that we started off and I was complaining about the amount
of work to be done by the end of work-week one.

Actually, when I got down to it, I sailed through the readings and activities for week one quicker than those for week zero. The major problems I had during these first weeks were
beyond my magical fixing powers - my local internet server let me down a number of crucial times (Murphey's Law?) and we had a couple of major power-outs - just at the free-times I had available to get on-line and especially on Sunday afternoon when I was preparing to join in the Webinar.

This last week, work-week number two, has been really hectic. Saturday 16 Decembre was the first day of year-end

holidays both at work and at play (the university) and the only free time I had during the evening periods was once again besmirched by various power failures at the local internet server.

Week three should be a breeze with all that free time..

Aahah! Let's not forget that .....

...... in the Sandbox.

Bye for now,

Keep on Moo-oodling.

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Keep on Moo-oodling

Keep on Moo-oodling
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