sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Saved by the Bell, from the Brink of Despair!

Part II of a shortfalling report outlining my poor efforts at maintaining the projected time-table for the M4T-A course. 

Saved by the Bell, from the Brink of Despair!

Hello fellow M4T-A Moo-oodlers,

Well, after complaining so-oo much about the lack of time to complete the assignments for weeks 1 and 2, I really arrived at the brink of destruction during week 3.

'Twas the week before Christmas, the snow and hail of exams, working extra time at my advisory day-job, trying to read-up at least an hour a day of the two hours I had free. I heard the clang of the fire bell, the klaxon of the air-raid warning, the wailing of banshees. I'd snapped.

Then out of the murk and moil of countless unread e-mails, a message of good-will and hope for all mankind (women as well). The date for week 3's assignments had been extended to January 8, 2012.


Two whole weeks more to procrastinate.

Bye for now,

Keep on Moo-oodling.

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Keep on Moo-oodling

Keep on Moo-oodling
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