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Teaching with Technology - Part 3

Teaching with Technology - Week 4

Videos provide students with opportunities to be creative with multi-media and to teach as a way to learn. In addition, videos allow them to ask for support and focus on the how more than on the what.

Creating videos as instructional tools. You will learn how to screen-share and create movies using PowerPoint presentations, screen-captures, and WizIQ live classes, and how to upload the video clips to Youtube.

Well, I've revised the videos a few times, downloaded and read the article "Designing Digital Video for Learning and Development". What to do now?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

I'll practice making videos with PPT, Screen-shots, WizIQ and a couple of other "goodies" I have hidden up my sleeve. Will comment at the end of the week!

How To Embed Videos That Are Only Accessible Through Your Moodle Course

The problem with embedding or inserting links to Youtube's "Unlisted" videos in Moodle is that anybody who can see the video can pass the link on to  somebody else. Anyone who knows the video’s link can place the video in a playlist, even a public playlist. This could make the video visible on other parts of YouTube, including the homepage.

Your video could appear elsewhere on the web if you or anyone who you shared the video with shares it more broadly. For example, if somebody with whom you share the video goes on to share the link through an email or posts it on a blog, then all the people who access that link will be able to view the video.

So, how do we get around this problem? At the moment in Youtube we can't, but we can do it with Vimeo!
Or, better said, we can do it with Vimeo+, the paid for version of Vimeo (U.S. $60/annum).

Please take a look at this video that explains how to do it in Moodle.

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