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Teaching with Technology - Part 1

Teaching with Technology - Week 1

Don't forget to enrol free on WizIQ. If you are not a member you will not be able to see the course materials.

This is an open course for teachers who wish to teach blended and fully on-line programs. Participants will be able to take the course at their own pace or with Dr. Nellie Deutsch. The course will cover the following topics (amongst others):

1. Google Drive
2. WebQuests
3. WizIQ
4. Moodle
5. Video Blogging

Teaching with Technology from Dr. Nellie Deutsch on Vimeo.

Following are the first two classes of our course, as always two fantastic presentations by Dr. Nellie:

Blogs or Wikis

*Don't forget to open your blog page.

Creating an Account with Moodle and WizIQ

Signing up for new accounts and getting started in a Moodle course and on WizIQ. One of the hardest steps to teaching with technology is signing up and logging in. This is the first live on-line class of the course.

My recommendations for this first week:

1. Look at the class video, then return to the above presentation.

4. Join in the forums - write and answer entries that catch your eye and imagination.

5. Enjoy yourselves - have FUN.

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